Digital Advertising takes planning, research, and realistic goals in order to be effective. This is an example of a very effective Facebook and LinkedIn ad set, created for a healthcare IT start-up company. It was often hard to express exactly what the company sold through words and pictures. We had to think of creative ways to share our products, and this certainly accomplished that need. 

LinkedIn Ad - Creative Ad that described our product in simple, but powerful, terms
LinkedIn Ad Featuring FHIR API Integration Product
iPaaS Google Display Ad
Google Display Ad
iPaaS LinkedIn Ad
EMPI LinkedIn Ad
Needs Matrix Push to Download LinkedIn Ad
iO Catalyst Program Facebook Group Ad
Nashville Medical News Digital Banner Ad
Nashville Medical News Square Reserve Ad for iO Vector

This next block shows a small portion of the print and video advertising completed for a non-profit group fighting the destruction of a portion of hallowed ground in Gettysburg. This was a volunteer effort - all the photography and design work was donated in order to raise national awareness for the group's cause. 

Print Billboard - Save Gettysburg
Actual Billboard Ad - Hwy. 19S Gettysburg
Close-Up of Hwy. 19S Billboard
Electronic Billboard on Steinweiner Ave. Gettysburg
Billboard Gettysburg
Print Full Page Ad
Editorial Publication Gettysburg
Billboard Gettysburg, PA
Full Page Ad - Gettysburg
1/2 Page Ad - Gettysburg
PGCB 650,000 Postcard Campaign
PGCB 650,000 Postcard Campaign
PGCB 650,000 Postcard Campaign
PGCB 650,000 Postcard Campaign
PGCB 650,000 Postcard Campaign

Below are links to two videos created with the help of several "Civil War Movie" actors and descendants of heroic Americans, and veterans, who volunteered their time to help save Gettysburg.